Posture Perfect

Poor posture is a direct consequence of a modern lifestyle. Poor posture can add years to an individual’s appearance without the slightest hint to the individual.

The truth is – overcoming poor posture can be challenging, especially if it’s been a long time in the making.

It’s likely that you may have poor posture and not know it, unless a physical therapist at Monmouth Rehab Professionals in Jackson, NJ or an exercise professional points it out.

This is exactly where we, at Monmouth Rehab Professionals in Jackson, NJ help you.

Our experienced staff of physical therapists at Monmouth Rehab Professionals in Jackson, NJ can alleviate poor posture and help restore muscle balance and proper joint alignment.

The causes of poor posture include:
  1. Habit: The unnatural postures of sitting at work (hunched over a computer), standing with uneven weight distribution, leaning forward with a rounded back tend to add up and cause a permanent, unnatural alignment of the spine. Unless we remind ourselves to “sit up straight”, the “bad” posture becomes “normal“.
  2. Injury: If your back, neck, or shoulder muscles have been injured, you may find it challenging to sit up straight. Injury or weakness in certain muscles can force you to slouch due to pain.
  3. Stress: Undergoing physical and/or mental stress can be exhausting on your body. Many people, when stressed, switch to shallow breathing which directly affects overall body posture. Physical stress, where we exert ourselves beyond our capacity can trigger incorrect posture. This can happen quite easily while moving furniture and appliances, or by lifting heavy boxes, or even by picking up infants, toddlers, and children improperly.
  4. Genetics: Unfortunately, poor posture can be passed from generation to generation.
  5. Shoes: Wearing comfortable shoes are essential for most activities. This is not just limited to the gym, running, or sports, but for every situation that requires periods of standing, walking, or moving in general. Inappropriate footwear can lead to generalized back pain, hip / knee pain, and postural problems.
Tips to keep you from getting injured:
  • posture2Try to stretch prior to physical exertion.
  • When pushing, pulling, or lifting, always take advantage of the strength in your legs, taking special care not to rely on your back for power.
  • To lift a box, bend your knees and pull the box close to your stomach. If the box is on the floor, don’t bend over to pick it up; even light boxes pose a hazard if they are picked up incorrectly.

With any activity, it is always a good idea to keep your back straight as often as possible.  There are proper techniques for moving and lifting heavy items.

Poor posture can also be an indicator of a more serious spinal condition, such as Scoliosis, an abnormal spinal curve. Scoliosis may be present from birth, or it may develop over time, although in most cases, its true cause is not fully understood.

Scoliosis can be very painful because it causes misalignment throughout the entire body, but it may be diagnosed as the result of rib, hip and shoulder problems, muscle variations in the back, or nerve dysfunction.

Practice Makes Perfect!

If you experience aches and pains as a result of poor posture, a good starting point is to try and correct your posture one day at a time. At work, place a small reminder on your computer, desk, or work space to keep you aware of your position, especially if you will be sitting for extended periods of time.

Self-awareness is part of the solution. If your body has found its way into an unnatural “comfort zone“, remind yourself that each day you sit up straight brings you one day closer to relief. We at Monmouth Rehab Professionals in Jackson, NJ will evaluate you to determine exactly what must be done to restore optimum posture and to relieve aches and pain, allowing you to function better and breathe more efficiently (plus, it looks better!).

Monmouth Rehab Professionals in Jackson, NJ As A Solution

posture3Monmouth Rehab Professionals in Jackson, NJ is a proven solution for poor posture and associated aches and pains.

Give us a call today and take advantage of our knowledge and expertise. We will teach you the right methods to look ‘posture perfect’.

Our skilled staff of physical therapists at Monmouth Rehab Professionals in Jackson, NJ will provide you with a precise, targeted exercise plan (and tips on exercises to avoid) to restore optimum posture.

We will also teach you the correct ways to sit and stand, move and lift items, get in and out of bed and exercise/breathing techniques to minimize strain on your joints.

Overall, the best way to prevent unwarranted injury is by using common sense and maintaining good posture.

So pick up the phone and give Monmouth Rehab Professionals in Jackson, NJ a call – good posture is what the human body was designed for, and that’s exactly what we can help you achieve!

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