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Benefits of Plyometric Exercises at Monmouth Rehab Professionals in South Amboy, NJ

Published on March 1, 2018 By Monmouthrehabprofessionals

Benefits of Plyometric Exercises Also known as jump training, plyometric exercises have gained new popularity in recent years and individuals are seeking the assistance of physical therapists in performing the movements. Plyometrics utilize explosive movements to build muscle and increase power. Originally developed as a training technique for Olympic athletes, it’s now being used by […]

How Physical Therapy Can Facilitate Workplace Wellness at Monmouth Rehab Professionals in South Amboy, NJ

Published on January 3, 2018 By Monmouthrehabprofessionals

How Physical Therapy Can Facilitate Workplace Wellness The average person spends eight (8) hours or more in the workplace. Occupational hazards and risks are prevalent in a work environment, especially one with prolonged periods of sitting. A healthy and productive work environment is a benefit for the employee and the employer. From an early emphasis […]

The Truth About Pain Relief

Published on December 1, 2017 By Monmouthrehabprofessionals

The Truth About Pain Relief (Without Pills) It is common knowledge that physical therapy helps with relief of pain and improvement of function. In fact, it helps improve mobility, increase strength, reduce swelling and empowers individuals to live healthy, productive lives. Here are ten things you probably did not know about physical therapy: Can be […]

Heal the Heel at Monmouth Rehab Professionals in South Amboy, NJ

Published on November 2, 2017 By Monmouthrehabprofessionals

Heel Pain and Injury: The Physical Therapy Solution The feet bear the weight of the body upon them, but the heel of the foot receives little thought unless it begins to hurt. Pain can originate under the heel (plantar fasciitis) or the back of the heel in the Achilles tendon. Inflammation, swelling and pain are […]

Touch to Relieve Pain at Monmouth Rehab Professionals in South Amboy, NJ

Published on October 2, 2017 By Monmouthrehabprofessionals

Myofascial release techniques encompass a variety of soft tissue therapies to treat pain, relax muscles, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, and increase mobility. Physical therapists at Monmouth Rehab Professionals in South Amboy, NJ are masters of the methods that employ gentle touch and stretching to promote healing and relieve chronic conditions. Skin, muscles, tendons and […]

Improving Connections Between Nerves and Muscles

Published on September 6, 2017 By Monmouthrehabprofessionals

Most people have heard about multiple sclerosis (MS), but don’t know much about this autoimmune disease. It’s a debilitating and progressive condition that affects the brain and spinal cord. Normally, nerves are encased in a thin and protective insulating coating called myelin. Multiple sclerosis causes the immune system to ‘turn on itself’ and eat away […]

Nagging Elbow Pain at Monmouth Rehab Professionals in South Amboy, NJ

Published on August 1, 2017 By Monmouthrehabprofessionals

  How to Deal with Nagging Elbow Pain The ulnar nerve is a major nerve that runs through the arm. It is responsible for movement and sensation in the forearm and the hand. It allows intricate hand movements like writing, typing and holding objects, all of which are critical in day to day life. The […]

Caring For Arthritic Joints

Published on August 3, 2016 By Monmouthrehabprofessionals

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. This degenerative joint disease is a chronic condition characterized by the breakdown of joint cartilage, leading to bones rubbing against each other. Typically, it affects the ‘bigger‘ joints in the body, like the hip, knee, shoulder, even the spine. This leads to progressive stiffness, inflammation, pain and […]

5 Neurological Reasons for Muscle Weakness

Published on July 11, 2016 By Monmouthrehabprofessionals

What would you say if you found out there were legitimate reasons why your exercise program was failing to give you the results you desired? There are five nervous system related issues that could be hindering your muscle strengthening and injury prevention efforts.  The brain communicates with every part of your body via nerves. This […]

Posture Perfect

Published on June 28, 2016 By Monmouthrehabprofessionals

Poor posture is a direct consequence of a modern lifestyle. Poor posture can add years to an individual’s appearance without the slightest hint to the individual. The truth is – overcoming poor posture can be challenging, especially if it’s been a long time in the making. It’s likely that you may have poor posture and […]